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Tori - Customer Success Representative

Customer Familiarity

We know your team like the back of our hand

impac Fleet takes great pride in knowing our customers' organization inside and out. We will train each of our members on your account and adhere to the rules your organization has put into place. Communicating with your drivers and managers is a breeze thanks to our talented team and the tools at our disposal.

Personalized Service

Building personal relationships with service

When managers and drivers call us, we are not reading from a script or passing you through to different agents - we're speaking to you genuinely. Other companies don't value the power of human interaction like we do. Our entire team is based here in the United States and will come to know you personally.

Cathy - Customer Success Representative

Renee - Product Specialist

Fast Resolution

We resolve issues 5x faster than the industry average

We pick up the phone in an average of 5 seconds and will have issues resolved in 4 minutes or less. The impac Fleet team will get your drivers back on the road 5x faster than the rest of the industry. If you're looking for quick and reliable support, we've got your back.

Proactive Prevention

A team that works behind-the-scenes too

We're a big data-centric company and we work hard every day to prevent your fleet from running into issues with declines, limits being reached, and more. Doing the behind-the-scenes work for our customers has enabled managers to focus on the things that matter, by doing everything we can to help prevent any setbacks.

Patricia - Customer Success Representative