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Easy fuel API integration

Public APIs for fuel data

impac Fleet offers public APIs or Application Programming Interfaces for feeding data into multiple fleet management applications.
Take 165 data points and feed them into accounting, telematics, or other types of fleet management software.

Transaction Data

Card Data

Vehicle Data

Driver Data


A turn-key telematics and fuel integration

FuelSync is an intuitive checklist that elevates security as well as ensures your fleet data and reports are accurate by matching fuel card transactions to the right vehicle. On the dashboard, granular data is compiled into diagrams that provide actionable insights into your fleet. With FuelSync, you're ensuring data is neatly tied, cards are secure, and compliance is an easy task. You can start FuelSync today by visiting the Geotab Marketplace here.

Report Integrations

Feed fuel data into your accounting software

Cut reconciliation down from multiple days to a few clicks by seamlessly exporting reports in Excel or CSV formats, making integration with your accounting software as easy as a few clicks. Whether it be Quickbooks or your own proprietary software, our reports are meant to be easily exported in a variety of common formats.

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Map of GPS generated fuel locationsScreenshot of fuel synch match
GPS Integrations

Fuel + GPS = better data and security

Connect fuel data seamlessly with top-tier telematics platforms, such as Geotab, Samsara, or Verizon. Whether you're utilizing Excel, CSV, SFTP, or open APIs, our system ensures a smooth flow of data to keep every mile accounted for.

Hardware Integrations

Utilize unique devices for your unique needs

Select from carefully chosen, top-quality hardware integrations that complement your business and enhance your current setup. Various devices can be added to your telematics platform and expand the possibilities of fleet management.

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OEM Integrations

Faster and more precise data with OEM tech

Using cloud-based and integrated OEM solutions, we're able to deliver safe and secure data with powerful insights. With the ability to consolidate all of your fleet data in one place, you'll be able to do more than you would with other telematics software. Add Ford, Chevy, BMW, and more to your telematics without the need for a 3rd party device.

SDK Integrations

A software development kit for your own builds

As a telematics customer, you get access to a complete software development kit (SDK) that can be used to build out custom solutions. Not only would you be getting access to APIs, but you'll have the ability to build out completely new applications should you choose to do so.

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Custom Integrations

Let's unify your fleet data with any software

Whether you're using Fleetio or another fleet management platform, our fuel and telematics data easily finds its place. For a custom integration, or to learn more about syncing with your chosen software, set a time to speak with us here.