impac Fleet

Our Mission

Our mission, rooted in faith, is to provide superior fleet management solutions that simplify and elevate operations for our customers. We're committed to nurturing an environment that empowers our team to refine procedures that enhance performance and satisfaction. We aspire to be the catalyst that drives our customers and our team towards a future marked by innovation, integrity, and unparalleled value.  We're ready for the uncharted roads ahead and will stay equipped to lead the journey.

Photography of White Cane Safety Day march
Community Involvement

How we've impacted our community

We're driven by a commitment that goes beyond fleet management. We believe in giving back to the communities that have been instrumental to our success. From participating in White Cane Day to volunteering at local food banks, our team is dedicated to making a difference. Each initiative we support is a testament to our belief that together, we can drive positive change.

Working at impac

How we've made an impact on our team

At impac Fleet, we foster a culture where growth and balance are paramount. We're committed to your professional development, offering support for training and certifications. By nurturing growth and encouraging participation, we ensure everyone at impac Fleet feels valued and equipped to thrive both personally and professionally. Our team enjoys a flexible work-life rhythm, actively participating in events like NAFA meetings and industry conferences.

Our Story

How Mrs. Applegate created impac Fleet

impac Fleet's story is defined by the tenacity and vision of Erin Applegate, our founder and CEO. Her ascent to becoming a leading force in the fuel card industry marked the beginning of our journey, transforming impac Fleet into a standard-bearer for innovation and customer-centric solutions.

Founded on a commitment to independence and partnership, we skyrocketed to success, shaping a new future for the fleet world. As we look beyond 2023, our mission is as clear as the open road: to simplify and elevate your fleet experience, driving forward with the same pioneering spirit that's been our hallmark since our inception.

Our Values

The values driving our impactful team and partnerships


Humility enables us to listen actively and respond with thoughtfulness, ensuring that our team and clients alike are valued and understood


Hunger keeps us engaged with the latest industry trends and customer needs, ensuring we're always ready to adapt and evolve


Integrity is reflected in every decision, interaction, and every solution we provide. Transparency and trust drives our daily operations


Our dedication to innovation ensures we not only meet, but exceed our clients' evolving needs by shaping the industry's future

We're a minority certified business

By choosing impac Fleet, you are partnering with a company that values and promotes diversity, enriching your fleet management experience

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