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Card Profiles

Make easy mass changes to card profiles

Edit controls for individual cards or create card profiles for departments and other custom groups. This allows for mass updates in mere seconds. The best part? With card profiles, you don't need to remember approved limits or spend time updating each card.

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Card Security

Odometer validation for better data and security

Looking for a smarter way to track your fleet's fuel efficiency? By inputting an odometer reading and PIN# at the pump, you're laying the groundwork for MPG tracking. With this data, you can identify areas for improvement and spot potential misuse.

Card Limits

Protect your budget and promote efficiency

Need to keep a tighter rein on spending? Set restrictions by dollar amount or the number of swipes. For a fleet manager, it's a straightforward way to keep costs in check and ensure every swipe aligns with your company's goals.

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Temporary limits for the unexpected

Your drivers may need to have their limits increased in the event of natural disasters or other emergency response situations. With temporary limits, your drivers can get on the road and you'll feel better knowing that the changes will revert back to the original state when time is up.

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Time Controls

Have no surprises with time-based controls

Your fleet isn't always active around the clock. With our card controls, you can specify active hours, days, weeks and months for transactions. This not only ensures that drivers refuel within company guidelines but also guards against any unauthorized after-hour transactions.

Location Controls

Secure every mile with location restrictions

Don't let your cards be used just anywhere. By restricting them based on zip code, state, or specific merchant locations, you add robust barriers against potential fraud. It's all about ensuring transactions happen within your fleet's usual service zone and nowhere else.

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