Intuitive and simple fuel reporting

Control your fleet's costs with better financial data

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Custom Reporting

Close your books even faster than before

Harness the power of our fuel card's level 3 data capture, collecting an impressive dataset of over 165 distinct data points. Schedule and save reports to fit your fleet's unique requirements, and accelerate your book-closing process

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7-Layer Departmentalization

Your company's fuel data can be organized into departments or cost centers, making it easier to allocate costs, forecast, and control expenses

Enhanced Control

Easily code fuel expenses and integrate the data into broader financial and accounting processes within your business

Simplified Administration

Powered by data, our platform ensures your reporting, such as IFTA reports, are DOT compliant and easy to generate

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Actionable Data

Spot card misuse by tracking important data

By tracking important vehicle and driver data, you'll be able to spot transactions that exceed vehicle gallons, are out of typical service area, have odometer inconsistencies, and more. Receive instant alerts for suspected fraudulent activity and have our expert team help you identify abnormal behaviors


Override transactions online and in a few clicks

If your driver needs to get back on the road, you can override their card within the portal, without taking the time to run a report and identify the problem before you're able to get them back on the road

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Easy integration: your software, our data

Export reports in versatile CSV and SFTP file formats, paving the way for fuel reports to feed into your business' software. Plus, with our open APIs, you can integrate the data into your custom software or dashboard, creating a unified data experience.

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