All-in-one fleet GPS tracking solution

Track all of your drivers and assets in real-time

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GPS Tracking

The complete fleet tracking solution

GPS can create far better results in less time while allowing you to focus on other tasks. Leveraging industry-leading tech and unmatched support, impac Telematics makes it easy to improve productivity & profitability while also lowering operating expenses and risk.

• Access to real-time data as needed
• Company policy breach alerts
• A rightsized fleet

• Optimized workforce
• Assured driver safety
• Ability to create incentive programs
and much more...

Driver Tracking

Elevate driver safety and efficiency for your fleet

Monitoring your drivers reduces risky behavior like speeding and harsh braking while also increasing efficiency through the aid of real-time data. Get instant alerts when unsafe driving occurs or leverage scorecards, trend reports, and various add-in solutions for a safer and more efficient fleet.

A few benefits of driver tracking

Driver Safety

Encourage safer driving with coaching and reports


All-in-one ELD with Hours of Service (HOS)


Get in-depth reports on driver productivity and safety


In-cab alerts for drivers and violation alerts for managers

Vehicle Tracking

Tech powered vehicle tracking and insights

Vehicle tracking has never been more important with strict compliance, rising costs of fuel, and the growing need to optimize routes and minimize emissions. Take advantage of geofencing, increased uptime, and a simplified maintenance system. See each of your vehicles in-real time, like every fleet manager should. The possibilities are endless when we're impacting the road ahead.

A few benefits of vehicle tracking

Route Optimization

Send your fleet on the best routes to reduce vehicle-wear and emissions


Simple HOS, IFTA, & DVIR compliance


Create maintenance schedules and get live vehicle diagnostics

Collision Report

Get detailed accident reports with point of contact, time, & more

Asset Tracking

Know your high-value assets inside and out

There are benefits to tracking trailers, containers, generators, or other equipment such as lawn-mowers and excavators.  Get a better understanding of your assets to improve utilization and their longevity by monitoring battery degradation, usage, yard movements, and more with easy-to-install trackers that can withstand harsh weather and outdoor use.

Loss Prevention

Monitor asset locations from anywhere to prevent theft and loss

Customer Billing

Track important data to provide comprehensive billing for customers


Create maintenance reminders based on usage or site boundaries


In addition to the rest of your fleet, asset data is recorded in real-time

A few benefits of asset tracking