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Maximize productivity with smart solutions

With a focus on vehicle and driver tracking, we're all about working smart, not hard. Imagine less idling, more efficient routes, and say goodbye to endless paperwork with custom reports tailored to your fleet. Our real-time tracking lets you schedule on the fly, while highlighting areas where drivers can improve.

Track your entire fleet with real-time data

Plus, you'll have the ability to locate lost equipment and trailers
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Embrace fleet data and watch efficiency soar

Dive into a world where fuel consumption is minimized, routes are streamlined, and vehicle maintenance is proactive, not reactive. Our system offers insights that help reduce operational costs and enhance vehicle lifespan. By harnessing detailed analytics, you can make informed decisions that lead to a more efficient, cost-effective fleet.

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Designed for all of your maintenance and diagnostic needs

Remote diagnostics

Maximize uptime and productivity by getting live diagnostics from anywhere

Maintenance scheduling

Ensure your vehicles stay in good-health by adopting a maintenance schedule

Cost reports

Get reports on maintenance costs and have a clearer idea of the road ahead

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Two people reviewing a car crash

Protect your drivers and prioritize safety

We're dedicated to keeping your drivers and vehicles secure on every journey. Our system emphasizes proactive safety measures by monitoring driving behaviors to providing real-time alerts for potential hazards. By leveraging data-driven insights, you can identify and mitigate risks before they become incidents.

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Drive sustainability with technology

Our approach to sustainability transforms fleet management with data-driven tools and insights such as green fleet analytics, promoting eco-friendly practices, and reducing emissions. And when it comes to electric vehicles (EVs), we're ahead of the game. With more EV options hitting the road, including heavy-duty ones, going green has never been easier.

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Make DOT compliance an effortless task

Navigate compliance with ease, addressing key areas like Hours of Service (HOS), Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) mandates, and DVIRs. Our solutions simplify these regulatory requirements, keeping your fleet safe, efficient, and fully compliant with industry standards.

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Integrate fleet data anywhere, any way

Our platform is designed for seamless integration with your favorite third-party hardware and sensors, ensuring that everything 'plugs and plays' effortlessly. Plus, with our SDK/API capabilities, your telematics data can be smoothly woven into your existing software, streamlining your workflow for total efficiency.

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Use APIs to pull data in real-time

Fuel Management

Get the most out of fuel management

Gain comprehensive insights into fuel usage patterns, identify areas for cost reduction, and enhance overall fleet efficiency with advanced tools that monitor usage, pinpoint inefficiencies, and guide smarter fueling practices. Further simplify fuel management by using FuelSync to combine telematics and fuel card data.

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