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Introduction The fleet needs faced by businesses today can be complex: the need to exercise sophisticated card control by driver, by vehicle or by region; the need to obtain comprehensive driver, vehicle and exception reports to help track your fleet’s activity within broad parameters; the need to have access to advances in fleet technology and program innovation that evolve in step with you company. The IMPAC Solution Our program is designed around the need for a single-source provider for all card issuance, billing, payment and customer service. IMPAC Fleet brings it all together for a complete and comprehensive fuel and maintenance fleet solution. IMPAC Fleet Card   The IMPAC Fleet Card offers the most comprehensive fuel card tracking and reporting system in the industry today including tax exemption, discount processing, online system access, and card level control. IMPAC Fleet allows cards to be assigned to driver, vehicle, department, region, etc. Flexible point of sale prompting, card level exception reporting, purchase control parameters and innovative reporting products allow fleet managers to manage their fuel programs with ease. The IMPAC Fleet card is accepted at more than 240,000 major and regional fuel and maintenance locations in all 50 states, and Puerto Rico. IMPAC Fleet’s pay at the pump acceptance exceeds Master Card/Visa card products that were modified to compete with true Universal Fleet Fuel Card products.  Stations and nationwide coverage The IMPAC Fleet - Fleet Card is accepted at 98% of all fuel retailers nationwide including sites where even MasterCard is not accepted.  Sites include all the Major Oil Refiner sites plus well known retailers including (but not limited to) Wal-Mart, Kroger, Sheetz, SuperAmerica, Pantry, Pilot, Flying J and QuikTrip and a more comprehensive list below. This system was originally developed for the US Post Office and has 100% Level III data collection at sites in every zip code in the country.  By allowing drivers to fuel at the most competitively priced locations in their given market, our program can bring cost savings not typically found in other fleet card platforms that have limited or brand specific fueling options only. IMPAC Fleet Online Portal No other fleet payment solution provides the account and spend control capability that IMPAC Fleet On-Line Portal offers. IMPAC Fleet utilizes the industry’s most robust and user-friendly fleet management tools. IMPAC Fleet’s On-Line Portal offers the fleet manager more command and control through a secure, web-based fleet management program. IMPAC Fleet On-Line Portal provides total access so you can observe, update, track and manage fleet operations and fleet card accounts. Complete level III data capture gives fleet administrators all the information needed to manage fleet and account activity from the desktop. With IMPAC Fleet On-Line Portal, fleet administrators are able to manage fleet operations from any location at any time with the security of an encrypted, online portal. IMPAC Fleet’s Retail card On-Line Portal is Internet-based account management software that provides remarkable fleet vehicle and program management. Fleet administrators have the ability to customize the control and features necessary to manage their fleet in greater detail. Fleet administrators can also evaluate costs, customize reports to their own specifications and make informed decisions with the click of a mouse. IMPAC Fleet Relationship Management IMPAC Fleet has been able to leverage our years of fleet systems experience – of large commercial, city, county, state, and federal card implementations – to develop a streamlined and effective implementation and account management process.  You will be assigned a dedicated Relationship Manager who will serve as a project manager and coordinator of IMPAC Fleet resources.  We will employ the use of a strategic account management process to maintain an ongoing refinement and evolution of your fleet card program.  Working with IMPAC Fleet, you will team with a company who gets the big picture; our experts will focus on the entire fleet supply chain by utilizing a collaborative, consultative approach. The goal is to identify cost-saving initiatives, discount opportunities and diverse transaction consolidation to create opportunities for informed fleet management decisions in the following areas: data exchange, compliance, transaction integration, discount merchant networks, accounting, settlement, maintenance, and parts services.

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